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Welcome to WeldLit website

WeldLit mainly specializes in metal processing industry and leading the process of having the greatest impact on the quality of the finished product – welding. Working closely with industrial organizations, and continually raising their qualifications and their customers we are providing the market with the best quality and reasonable prices of products and services.

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    Outsourcing to Lithuania

    Our company specializes in finding business partners for international manufacturing. We closely cooperate with many manufacturing organizations in Baltic States that produce different welded constructions, and mechanical parts from carbon and stainless steel or aluminum.

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    WeldLit.eu Metal professionals directory

    Bringing buyers and sellers together within the metal professionals’ market is all we do. No matter the size of your company or the scope of your project, WeldLit streamlines your sales and fulfillment in the least expensive way possible.

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    Engineering Activity

    WeldLit team consists of trained professionals with international qualifications in welding engineering, production management, quality management, project management, programming, training and experience. WeldLit focuses on metalworking plants, but many of the principles used in the work is an integral part of the total industrial production, so our services can be easily adapted to other industries and clients.

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    Documentation management system

    Traceability is very important issue while fabricat-ing metal construction. There are several aspects why it is necessary to record and store production data.
    The ISO 3834 standards place a number of requirements as a result of which welding fabricators must usually draw up system documentation, typically in the form of a quality manual, to enable these requirements to be com-plied with appropriate both from the point of view of quality and productivity.