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The quality requirements for rail vehicles and components welding

Data: Nov 29, 2010

The standard EN 15085 – Railway applications – describes the requirements for railway vehicles and components welding. This European standard was developed in 1997, CEN TC 256/WG 31 of the Committee with a great German contribution. The five parts of the standard EN 15085 was issued in January 2008 and was presented to the German railway authorities a transitional period until the end of 2010. Certification of production according to standard EN 15085-2 requirements are mandatory since 2008, first in April. EN 15085 series of standards replace the previously existing DIN 6700

Manufacturing companies and repair shops of the standard requirements for execution and production control certification means additional costs in preparation for the certification of both the regular and the following requirements. It is very important in this competition to ensure that these requirements would apply to all manufacturers to ensure safety. EN 15085-2 has helped to create a single, all the binding rules governing the qualifications of industrial enterprises of railway vehicles and their components and welding in Europe.

EN ISO 3834 EN 15085 is exercised

Series of standards ISO 3834 describes the general quality requirements for welding. These common standards are also used in railway vehicles and components for welding. If the manufacturer has been certified by the production control system in accordance with ISO 3834-2 or 3, he can rely on the certificate in the certification according to EN 15085-2. The standard identifies the requirements for the ISO 3834 series of standards, with emphasis in severe personnel administration to the production facilities. In addition, the certification according to EN 15085-2 is based on a whole series of other international and European standards, including welding class, design, Non-destructive inspection and many others. Thus, ISO 3834 standard can not replace the standard EN 15085, but it greatly facilitates the latter’s Standard certification.