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Data: Oct 7, 2010

• It is an international standard created by the welding professional

• ISO 9001 defines requirements for quality management system of ISO 3834 also defines the quality requirements, only welded products.

• The standard specifies the requirements relating only to the welded structure.

• The standard can also be used as a production control system.

• ISO 3834 is not a product standard, but it is often cited as a requirement of various products to ensure good practice in the welding and to prevent premature failures.

• The company that is certified according to this standard gains an advantage when competing with other companies in European and World wide markets.

ISO 3834 certification scheme is targeted specifically to the company’s welding activities and such certification may be next to the ISO 9001 certification or be a separate certification. Benefits of certified companies are:
- A clear independent confirmation that it complies with ISO 3834 requirements.
- Independent validation of excellence in welding and manufacturing capabilities within a defined field of production.
- Welding quality management and evaluation capacity of accredited professionals
- National and international business potential through demonstrated compliance with the internationally recognized standard for quality requirements for welding.
- International recognition
- Often used to refer to either the contract bonding requirements.

Fusion welding processes are widely used in many products. In some companies it is a key manufacturing process. Products may be both simple and complex, for example, Pressure vessels, domestic and agricultural equipment, cranes, bridges, transport and other facilities.

These processes have a significant impact on production costs and product quality. It is important to ensure that these processes are carried out in the most efficient manner and that all transactions are properly controlled.

It is noted that ISO 3834 is not quality management system standard, which replaces ISO 9001:2000, but it may be beneficial to producers in the application of ISO 9001:2000.
Description of the quality requirements of welding processes is important as the quality of these processes is not easy to verify, because they belong to the ISO 9000:2000 for special processes.

Procedures of quality for production are rather important. A very complete and perfect Non-destructive control can not improve product quality.

To ensure reliable and efficient production, management must be able to understand and evaluate potential sources of problems and implement appropriate procedures to control them.

ISO 3834 is used in many cases. It is usually applied in the following cases:
- The conclusion of the contract: the welding quality requirements;
- Associated with the manufacturers of welding and quality requirements for compliance;
- When the committee preparing for the application of production rules or standards: the welding quality requirements;
- The organization equal to the quality of welding, for example., Third parties. customers and manufacturers.

ISO 3834 can be use by inside or outside organizations, including certification bodies, to assess the manufacturer’s ability to respond to the buyer, and the regulation of the same manufacturer.

Standards related to EN ISO 3834: